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Our Role in an Emergency

Public Health Asset Distribution (PHAD)
In the event of a public health emergency, the Oswego County Health Department has the responsibility to receive, inventory, sort, store, and ship medical supplies to local healthcare providers.

The Health Department has partnered with the Oswego and Mexico Girl Scout Service Units to exercise our PHAD capabilities. In this exercise, thousands of girl scout cookies simulated medical assets that were received, inventoried, sorted, stored, and shipped. This exercise has won two awards, one through the National Association of City and County Health Officials (NACCHO) and the other through the National Association of County Officials (NACo). 

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NACCHO awarded the Oswego County Health Department with a Promising Practice.

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NACo awarded the Oswego County Health Department with a 2019 Achievement Award in the category of Risk and Emergency Management.

webpage cookies- jiancheng

Public Health Director, Jiancheng Huang during a PHAD exercise using Girl Scout cookies

Medical Countermeasures (MCM)
In the event of an emergency that requires a public health response, medical countermeasures such as, vaccines, antivirals, antibiotics, respirators/masks, etc. may have to be distributed to local healthcare providers or county residents in a timely manner. MCM's are used to effectively prevent, mitigate, or treat adverse health effects of an intentional, accidental, or naturally occurring public health emergency. This may require the health department to open one or more Points of Distribution (PODs).

Point of Distribution (POD)
Points of Distribution (PODs) are community locations where the Oswego County Health Department dispenses and administers medical countermeasures to the public. If needed, one or more PODs would be opened across Oswego County.

garrett-tina vaccine

Tina Bourgeois, Senior LPN during a POD exercise