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3-5 Pre-School Special Education Program

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The program´s single point of entry is through your local school district. This program is for children ages three to five who have developmental delays and disabilities. The purpose of this program is to maximize a child´s developmental and educational potential prior to the start of kindergarten. The county has administrative responsibilities for this program, which include coordinating transportation, processing all paperwork for the payment of services, and providing a municipal representative who sits on all committees of preschool special education. Services include:

  • Educational and physical evaluations
  • Special education services
  • Physical, speech and occupational therapy
  • Transportation
All referrals for the 3-5 evaluations should be made by contacting your local school district.

APW School District    315-625-5234

Central Square School District    315-668-4220

Fulton School District     315-593-5520

Hannibal School District     315-564-8100

Mexico School District      315-963-8400

Oswego City School District   315-341-2647

Phoenix School District     315-695-1648

Pulaski School District     315-298-5188

Sandy Creek School District     315-387-3465

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