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Health Department Seeks Medical Volunteers to Help in COVID Response Activities

OSWEGO COUNTY - The Oswego County Health Department is accepting applications from active and retired medical professionals who want to volunteer to help in the department’s COVID-19 response activities.

Jiancheng Huang, Oswego County Public Health Director, said people with a medical background can help fill a vital need when the department begins holding COVID-19 vaccination clinics for the general public.

Medical volunteers can help as vaccinators and with covid testing, the COVID-19 helpline, and other related responsibilities. Physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, medical assistants, and other professionals are encouraged to apply.

Those interested are asked to fill out a form on the county’s COVID-19 page and provide information about their medical license, availability, areas of interest and related information.

The application form is posted on the health department’s COVID – 19 page at https://health.oswegocounty.com/information/2019_novel_coronavirus/medical_volunteering.php.